Smart Multipass Shader

A radically new way to do multi-pass in Cinema4D, by material or shader. This gives you is a completely new way to do multipass in Cinema4D. you can have as many matter or color layers as you like, fill them directly from any shader.

Smart Shader Manager

An efficient overview of all your shaders and materials, with the smart shader list and smart filter.This is a full featured dopesheet for all your shaders and materials.

Smart Shader Menu

A custom shader menu which learns which shaders you use.Use the shift key to bring on the magic of the Smart Shader Menu.

Smart Link Shader

Create intellgent and robust Instances of any given Cinema4D shader. Easily use one shader in multiple materials with a smart link.

Smart Channel Shader

Link multiple channels to one shader.For the first time in Cinema4D you can directly link one shader into multiple channels, without the need to clone the orginal shader! A fast and efficitient way to re-use any kind of shader.

What You Get

  • Smart Link Shader.
  • Smart Channel shader.
  • Smart Shader Manager.
  • Smart Shader Menu.
  • Smart MultiPass Shader.


    • Cinema 4D R12,R13,R14 or greater (all versions).
    • WIN PC 64 bit version.
    • Works with NET render.
    • Vray compatible shaders.

Version History



A Revolution in Multiplass and shader management for Cinema4D.


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