vectorizer pro

Vector Professional


About : Vectorizer Professional is a Generator for Cinema4D, which produces very good, virtual outlines from an image.

This generator offers a significant improvement over the built in C4D Vectorizer, producing professional results to rival those produced in major standalone packages. The advantage vectorizing directly in C4D is that you can maintain a  procedural object, where the parameters can be animated and modified and animated.

  • Easy To use
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Accurate
  • Procedural
  • Animatable
  • culling options
  • Vectorize images,movies and shaders.
  • Can Use Alpha channels
  • Great Smoothing
  • produces both splines and polygons.

Requires : MAC & PC 64 bit. C4D R13 or greater.

Works with : Mograph, Team Render,Studio,Prime,Broadcast, VRay, Octane.

Type : Custom Spline and polygon Object Generator

Code : C++ 64 bit mac + PC