Instance Colorizer

This channel shader gives you the ability to remap color for each individual instance, clone or particle . Use this shader in any channel to procedurally modify the rendered color properties of multiple objects, through just one material. Procedural color functions guarantee subtle differences between otherwise identical objects and give you a revolutionary new way to easily make your particles,clones or instances look more varied and/or natural.

Random Tile Shader

This channel shader can be used to avoid the repetitive nature of textures or tiles. For example you can use it on grass or wall textures to reduce the repeating common patterns seen when using seamless tiles.Advanced Brick and Tile settings give you plenty of ways to perform flooring and panel design.

Texture Transform

The Texture Transform shader and tool where built to make it easier for designers to extract and rectify tiles or panels taken from images and photographs.The work flow has been designed to be as simple as possible.All you have to do is start the shader, choose your image start the extraction tool from within the shader and begin marking out your area.The marked area then behaves as a perspective corrected virtual image or you can save it as a bitmap.

What you get

  • 3 Advanced Plugin shaders and an interactive Tool.
  • Example scenes for c4d.
  • Online updates and Free Limited Support.
  • pdf documentation.
  • A serial number locked to your c4d license.
  • Immediate Download via Ejunkie or Share*it.


  • Cinema 4D R12,R13,R14 or greater (all versions)
  • 32 and 64 bit versions included.
  • Unlimited NET render clients.
  • Mograph ,all cinema Particle systems, x-particles.
  • VRay compatible Shaders.



Instant Download

A set of Procedural Texturing Shaders.

Random Tile Shader + Instance colorizer + Texture Transformer