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Current Version is 1.6

A lot more than just wires.


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By Jerome Pastorello

Wireshader Pro+ is a C4D plugin shader which gives you the ability to proceduraly render object edges and points through a shader.This has many advantages over a simple bitmap. Written in c++ , this shader is very fast, flexible and very easy to use. It works with Advanced Render, Physical and of course Vray. This New version has lots of settings for different edge styles, which  you can then drive with other shaders, for some really cool and original edge and point effects. It renders real edges which you can hide with an edge selection , as well as artificial edges and points, including SPD edges.

Cinema4D R13,R14,R15
WIN PC & OSX 64bit

Includes Team Render Support.

Free Limited Support

Availaible as a Single User License or Multi User License , no messing around with license keys and excellent support via the CinemaPlugins Helpdesk..